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Wetlands Meditation Center
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Schematic Phase Site Plan

Schematic Phase Diagram
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Use: Public Meditation Center

Concept: Reflection

Techniques: Triangular Module

Write Up: For a while this project was not included in my portfolio. I had just entered my third year studio after a one year hiatus and my professor, Jess Holmes, required everything be drawn by hand (all the drawings were on yellow trace mounted to foam core). The work was not my best, but with a little perspective I thought it had good moments and seemed worth putting in my portfolio. At the least it would show how I thought at an early development phase and provide perspective compared with other projects.

The goal of the project was to design a large meditation complex in the Clark County Wetlands Park. The area is bizarre when compared to the typical Las Vegas landscape – It has water. The wetlands are placed along a wash in the low part of the valley that transports water from rain and the water treatment plant to Lake Mead. All the water, vegetation, and trails provided an interesting site that could easily fit program for meditation purposes.

The structures required little securing and took advantage of the decent weather year around with the meditation spaces open to the outside with simple formal elements to provide privacy. Additionally, the orientation of paths and structure followed a triangular module. Looking back, this may have been the largest flaw of the design. Sometimes the spaces worked well, such as the group meditation spaces, and other times didn't help such as the way the solitary meditation spaces approach the water. At the end of the project, I realized a greater appreciation for Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian houses.

Project Downloads:
Portfolio Spreads

Wetlands Park Site Plan

Site Plan

Facilities Elevation

Facilities Floor

Cafe Elevation

Cafe Floor Plan

Solitary Meditation Spaces Elevation

Solitary Meditation Spaces Floor Plan

Solitary Meditation Spaces Section

Solitary Meditation Spaces Model

Solitary Meditation Spaces Model

Small and Large Meditation Centers Elevation

Small and Large Meditation Centers Floor Plan

Small and Large Meditation Centers Section

Small and Large Meditation Centers Model

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