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Short North Tower
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Programing Diagram

Graphic Section

Technical Building Data
Location: Columbus, OH

Use: Student Housing Tower

Concept: Programmatic

Techniques: Technical

Team Members: Greg Evans + Krystin Schmid

Write Up:  This project was a classic agonizing team project, but I think the technical level of the drawings are well done for a school project and I was largely responsible for the end product of this portion. The studio was Knowlton School of Architecture's Comprehensive Studio and the professors have a heavy hand in the product by selecting the teams and project's program. The program for our team was entitled 43215, the zip code of the site and a likely professor created parody of 90210. The tower would serve as typical off campus housing typologies for students from the higher education institutions around Columbus.

The schematic phase of the project required five potential models for the professor to select. We had our five models lined up on a table with one crazy unnatural cantilevered model at the end. Why would the professor pass the crazy one up? Perhaps this was the next WoZoCo? This wasn't the case after the structural professor and the studio professor took out the interesting aspects of the schematic model giving us an oddly proportioned tower that was a distant cousin of the original.

The drawings were reasonable and worked at the expense of an interesting project. The floor plans would consist of two housing typologies from the standard dorm style with shared bathrooms and an apartment style living space that included multiple bedrooms. The apartment type units were a poor interpretation of Corbusier's Unité d'Habitation model with each unit being spread over two stories.

There were common spaces spread out to the first two floors, the 9th floor, and the 23rd floor. The roof decks were all accessible and likely one of the more interesting moments of the building with the cantilever lingering above.

Project Downloads:
Portfolio Spreads

Site Plan

Site Section

Street Level Rendering

First Floor

Second Floor

Diagram of Unit Floor Plans

Third Floor

Dorm Unit Plans

Shared Unit Perspective

Collective Unit Below Plan

Collective Unit Middle (Access) Plan

Collective Unit Above Plan

Section-like Interior Elevation

Rendering from Above

Ninth Floor

Perspecive of the Roof Decks

Tenth Floor

Twenty-Third Floor

Elevation and Wall Section Detail

Window/Wall Section

Window Section in Plan

Structural Plan

Structural Elevation

Building Perspective

Mechanical Plan

Typical Mechanical Plan

Mechanical Section




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