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Columbus Travel Infographic Excercise
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Regional Travel Destinations

Columbus Travel Destinations
Location: Ohio

Use: Information

Concept: Feltron

Techniques: Imitation

Write Up: This was a classic moment in studio. I put together something and the professor hates it. She tells me to go back to the drawing board and to present the information in a better and more graphically pleasing way. I took a moment to look at the information I had and combined it with colors and methods found in Nick Feltron's portfolio to come up with something that was more successful.

The information was simple. I asked a sample of people from a varying array of demographics in Columbus where they go often in the city and where they would go over the weekend regionally. Each map illustrated a relationship of the important destinations through the typeface size and related that to a geographic center of Columbus. This led into further investigations for trains in Ohio (see Ohio Frieght + Business Networks Infographics and Ohio Train Network)

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